Essential Rights - DansClick #20 on tour

This month I'll be performing live electronics in the contemporary dance piece "Essential Rights" [choreography by Fernando Troya]. ‘Essential Rights’ is part of the Korzo Theatre ‘Dansclick’ program that shows three great pieces by the latest generation of talented dance makers, winners of the BNG Bank Dance Prize 2018. 


I am very excited about this tour as it is one of the highlights of my long-standing and fruitful collaboration with Fernando Troya since 2014. Working with Fernando provides me with a lot of artistical freedom and inspiration. Not only because of our interaction during the creative process in the studio, but also because I love the artistic approach of his pieces and concepts that make his work meaningful and confronting.  And that is how I have come to understand art, as a way to provoke change through confrontation.


Moreover, I perform live electronics during the piece, which gives me the opportunity to broaden my musical perspective and palette by adding a deeper relationship with sound qualities and music making techniques. The act of performing live music brings an extra layer of interaction and improvisation to the piece.


At this point we have advanced midway through the tour. By trying out, developing and improving the performances our piece is now in a very good moment of its ‘evolution’ and the audience is responding very well. I hope your curiosity will bring you to join our proposition this Thursday or any other day of the tour (MORE DATES)


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-text by Hannet Engel/Carlos Ema


DansClick #20

Korzo producties / BNG Cultuurfonds  

Thursday 6 December

20:30 - 22:45

Korzo Theatre, The Hague


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choreography Fernando Troya 

dance Quentin Roger, Arturo Vargas, Alex de Vries

music, composition and live electronics Carlos Ema 


In ‘Essential Rights’, we find different metaphors about life contained within the unique universe of three particular individuals. This piece touches subjects such as parenting; the problems, fears and taboos parents’ conflicts create in children and how this can affect the present in all of us. It also talks about the social rules; materialism and bullying; an important part of our world. A place where you have to succeed, be the best, and therefore are forced to be on top of everyone, whether you like it or not. 


Read more http://fernandotroya.nl/portfolio-item/essential-rights/

Other Carlos Ema projects: https://www.carlosema.com/video-audio/


 “With three male dancers, Troya exposes a world in which there is much to contend. Camaraderie as well as betrayal, conflict as well as rapprochement, sportsmanship and despair. A grim, physical trio that reveals itself step by step and that the spectator presents a course in which you can not help but go along and sympathize.” 


 -BNG Bank Dance Prize jury on Fernando Troya 





  " A taste of talent in choreography "







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