flamenco · 01 July 2022
Nomads Trio- Contemporary Flamenco
Pictures: Hessel Waalewijn, Marjon Broeks, Wybe Hietbrink Montage: Guillermo Martín-Viana
flamenco · 07 July 2019
Nomads is a Contemporary Flamenco platform where different projects have space. Coming from a tradition of collective interaction and improvisation, flamenco art is in constant evolution from its birth. The very personal approach of every performer always brings different results in the combination with other performers and situations. The renowned Netherlands based artists Jessica Achten (dance), Carlos Ema (piano and electronics) and Primos del Norte: Erminia Fernández Córdoba (voice),...
music for dance · 01 December 2018
This month I'll be performing live electronics in the contemporary dance piece "Essential Rights" [choreography by Fernando Troya] In ‘Essential Rights’, we find different metaphors about life contained within the unique universe of three particular individuals. I am very excited about this tour as it is one of the highlights of my long-standing and fruitful collaboration with Fernando Troya since 2014 and hope you'll join us.