Nomads (Promotional Video for the performance on 7th July at the Summertime Festival'19 (Grote Markt, Den haag, Holland)
Music composition and Audio Recording: Carlos Ema & Arturo Ramón (recomposition from an excerpt of "Entre Estatuas")

Piano and Electronics: Carlos Ema

Guitar, Palmas, Djembe: Arturo Ramón

Voice: Erminia Fernández Córdoba

Original Footwork and concept of "Entre Estatuas": Carmen Buitenhuis & Carlos Ema

Video: Carlos Ema. Picture of Jessica Achten by Marjon Broeks

Thanks to Guillermo Martín (Almo :-)

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Enso (Choreography Cora Bos-Kroese, Music Composition and Recording Carlos Ema, Kobe/Japan, October 2017)

Original Music Composition based on Cello Sonata In B Flat, Op. 14/4, RV 45 - 1. Largo (Vivaldi)

Carlos Ema, composition, electronics (the Mangle by SoundGuru & PaulStrecht) piano, recording (Reaper), mixing and mastering

Picture by Wybe Hietbrink


Dance: Yusuke Tsutsumi

Music: Carlos Ema


Oretto e San Paolo Cervo (Biella) 27 august - 2 september 2017


Developed from the end fragment of the piece ENZO (Choreography by Cora Bos-Kroese, Kobe/Japan, October 2017)


Withering (Choreography Fernando Troya, Music Composition and Recording Carlos Ema, 2016)

2nd prize for best performance at the Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart,

3rd prize for choreography at the Warsaw Zawirowania Choreography Competition,

1st prize at ’10 Sentidos’ festival in Valencia, Spain

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Casiopea (Silvio Rodriguez)

From the house concert "Causas y Azares" Den Haag 2017

Irene Novoa / concept, voice and electronics

Carlos Ema / concept, piano and electronics

Joris Jan Bos / video

La Fábrica (Expeditie Flamenco, V Flamenco Biënnale, Nederland 2015)

Constelación Sonora (Cristina Hall, 2018)

1st prize Certamen Coreográfico de Tetuán, Madrid

Cristina Hall - Concept, Dance and Choreography

Maria Marin - Composition, Singing and Guitar
Carlos Ema - Composition and Live Electronics

Daniel N. Buxton - Audiovisuals and Photography

Jose Maria Tarriño - Customs


Electrónica Seguiriya (Carlos Ema, 2015)

Small impro with my PureData instrument Sonik_ET

Picture by Duarte Nobre

Essential Rights (Choreography by Fernando Troya, Live Music by Carlos Ema, 2015)

BNG prize, Dans Click 20, 2018 Korzo Productions, Holland

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Morning Mourning (Choreography by Youri and Marie, Music by Carlos Ema 2016)

Carlos Ema, composition, electronics (PureData, the Mangle by SoundGuru) piano and recording (Reaper)

Emilio Parrilla (clarinet)

Arturo Ramón (mixing and mastering)

Picture Eddy Philipsen

Uncertain Distance (Choreography by Fernando Troya, Music by Carlos Ema, 2016)

Made for Ballet Finland in 2016, which world premiered on October 21st, at the Finnish National Opera.
Carlos Ema, composition, electronics (PureData, the Mangle by SoundGuru, Argotlunar by Michael Ourednik) piano, guitars and sound recording (Reaper), Den Haag september-october 2016
Arturo Ramon (mixing and mastering)
Thanks to Aurimas Bavarskis (for borrowing his 12 steel-string guitar) and Arturo Ramón (for borrowing his nylon guitar)

Picture by Duarte Nobre

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The Animal that takes you (Choreography by Fernando Troya, Music by Carlos Ema, 2017)

Created for Budapest Dance Theatre and premiered at the National Theatre in Budapest on 27th February 2017.
Carlos Ema, composition, piano, framedrum (thanks to Sabine Ter Steeg) electronics and recording
Arturo Ramón (mixing and Mastering)
Picture by Rudolf Herbst

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Reminiscente (Choreography by Fernando Troya, Live Music by Carlos Ema, 2018 work in progress, DansMakers, Cloud Danslab / Holland, Turkey, Open Look Festival / St. Petersburg)

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Gardening Birds

(made for the festival and summer intensive, OpenFLR, Florence 2016)

Fernando Troya / choreography

Carlos Ema / music composition, piano, percussion, electronics and recording,

using also ‘Original Rainforest Sound Environments recorded and edited by composer Francisco López’


Picture by Frédérique Van Dijk

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Soleá por Bulerias (Flamenco Dance Annemarie van Drecht, Voice Erminia Fernández Córdoba, Piano Carlos Ema, Percussion Claduio Spieler. Lleno de Flamenco, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2014)

El Toro (Carlos Ema Piano & Composition, Greg Smith drums & composition, Manel Salas dance, Holland 2014)

Sounds of Silence 2014

(Silent Films / Live Music Festival,

de Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag)

He who gets slapped (1924)

Yiannis Tsirikoglou, electronics & objects

Carlos Ema, piano